Sonntag, August 11, 2013

Why did we chane our layout? +do you want the old one back?

Lately, we got quite a lot of messages that the page is loading slowly or asks, whether you need to open the article to download the file.
So we have chosen a new layout. It's basic blogger layout (the last was custom creation), so it has not so much code (page is loading faster) and we can easily change colors and so on.
It also provides "it's just a click away" downloads, therefore you can stay at the same page and just right-click + open in a new window download.
The design is not so shiny as the old one was, so we have a question for you:
Do you want this or that design? Functionality or great looks? Just let us know, we saved our last layout and it can be back in a matter of seconds.
We hope you are enjoying our sitre and we are exiced to hear your thoughts on our new design.
For simsia,