Dienstag, April 30, 2013


Hello there! A big surprise for us just arrived! It's our first email and we are absolutely amazed by the content. This incredibly kind person is saying 'thanks' for our Peggy 36 and asks if this site is running for free, how are we making it at start.

So, first of all, thank you very, very, very much! We'll try to provide you more stuff. And yes, our hosting (as any other blog on blogger) is absolutely free, so are our downloads. After our first update, the content was promptly deleted and we hope this won't happen again. New link is in function.

K., thank you again! We love you!

Simia.at (M, M, D, I and S)

Newsea Peppermint Hair



Peggy 17 - Download (free)


Modern Teen Room by Lulu265 - Download (free)

Modern Teen Room


Free Download J110 Overflow by NewSea

Newsea Overflow


Outdoor set by sims2fanbg Download (free)

Hi there! Today, there are some brand new jackets from one of the most popular authors on TSR: sims2fanbg. We have something else in the storage too, so we'll try to send that here too.

Outdoor set


Montag, April 29, 2013

Skysims Hair 101 (Download Link)

Skysims 101


Skysims Hair 105 (Download Link)

Skysims Hair 105


Peggy's Special 0036 (July '12) Gift (Download Link)

Peggy July '12 Special Gift


Newsea Sophie Hairstyle (Download Link)

Newsea Sophie Hairstyle

Monika got an A (she was 'Oh God, I'm going to have a D, oh God, oh God' all the way) from German (she lose 3 points, she's not normal), she is almost a mother-speaker now (she's going to kill me for that sentence), so she is now sitting there with us and sending her whole hair folder away. We hope you enjoy!



308 - Casual Set by sims2fanbg (Download Link)

Casual set by sims2fanbg


Sonntag, April 28, 2013

Skysims Hair 097 (download link)

Skysims Hair 097

One of our absolute favorites. So cute!


Shianae - Czech Poses Creator.

Poses and more from Czech creator Shianae

Hi! We found one AMAZING creator from Czech Republic. She makes gorgeous poses, Sims and comics. The best part? You can download them all for free from her website. They are better than many TSR-subsciber poses. Monika and Daniel use her poses for all their amateur-ish comics and we must say, they are gorgeous in the game. Just have a look:


Her website is in Czech, but the main navigation is in English. If you find something you like, just click the article and find a download link (it's big, you can't miss it). You'll be redirected to Mediafire. If you like something very much, don't forget to comment. Authors appreciate that :)

Shianae's main site

Her Poses

Her other downloads

Lillka's Animal Pyjama for Toddlers and Children (Download Link)

Lillka's Animal Pyjama

Hello! Today, we found cute animal pyjama for your little Simies!

Download Child only

Download Toddler only

Download C+T file

Lillka's TSR Account 

We hope everything is working great, if there's a problem anywhere, plese contact us!

Samstag, April 27, 2013