Donnerstag, August 15, 2013

Problems with viruses from TSR (read only if you have a TSR account)

We realised that after our subscribtion at TSR is gone, we start getting viruses, mainly malware to our PC. On our paid account, nothing like this happens. We got some freaky program putting links to paid websites everywhere and nothing could stop it. We tried practically everything and almost bought some ESET antivirus to get ot off. But in the end, when we left avast to search our computer through and through, it found it.

Why are we writing this is that yesterday we got email from one person on our website who started getting toolbars to her browser after her sub expiration date.

Basically, if you ever heard about trackers in TSR files, we think that's it (however, we are no IT experts and if you have problems with TSR and have infected file, send it to Coco  - tsr.mustbedestroyed). Trackers are links that "call home" when they are uploaded elsewhere. We have no idea how it works, but we think it's gone when you do centrain things with the file (turn it upside-down).

IF YOU ARE EXPERIENCING PROBLEMS WITH YOUR COMPUTER AFTER YOUR SUBSCRIBTION ENDED (or any other reasons) LET YOUR ANTIVIRUS CHECK YOUR PC IMMEDIATELY (full scan, not the fast one, let it check everything it can, put it to the high level of security).

If you need antivirus and you have none (how did this happen?!) you can DOWNLOAD FREE AVAST ANTIVIRUS here. A full scan with it should do, as we think it deleted all the viruses.
But don't forget to control your Sims 3 folder with your AV too.

Other good AV are:
Norton (some versions)
but they are both paid.
We have some good experiences with Panda, but we don't know whether it deletes these viruses or not.


  1. Thanks for the info! Is this only if you have a PAID TSR subscription? Or does this include free accounts there too?

    1. I'm not sure. But better safe than sorry I guess. And that virus-searching takes only 2 hours. Any way, make sure you have your TSR password nowhere else and if you are connected through FB, disconnect now! They may be in your account.

      Thank you for feedback!

  2. Let's us promote everyone to use Firefox as their browser (coz this browser has already feature to protect out privacy with option "I do not wanr to be tracked").

    More info:

    AND also it's recommended to use Firefox Addons "AdBlock Plus" with some filter subscription EasyList and second Firefox Addons "NoScript" that will give extra protection for our browser and computer to prevent unwanted (malicious) things going into our computer.

    Adblock Plus

    EasyList Filter Subscription (to be used within AdBlock Plus)

    NoScript Security Suite

    If anyone have some problem about How To use above tools with Firefox, please kindly asking via Kaskus ( I'm the one there who manage to help Firefox user. It's Indonesian Forum, but we welcome any English member too...


    1. Yup, FF is definitely the best browser when it comes to privacy :)