Samstag, Mai 18, 2013

TSR Subscriber Pack - 18/05/13

If you know our website for a longer time, you know that we upload packs with all the files from one day, all-in-one, just take and download the .sims3packs. This file is here today, too, so enjoy it and leave us a reaction or comment when everything is working great. we are just a little addicted.

Not the thing you've been looking for? The search bar and requests post are always here for you!

The PACK contains:

DeAngelo Hairstyle Set by Cazy

Summer Set for Little Cuties by natef005

(Do you see the girl far left? Like, what the, um, heck?)

Entrelac Sweater Top & Cotton Pants - Set109 by ekinege

(Just writing the name of the file is hard)

Gardening Foyer by SIMcredible!

and ADAMIS Bedroom Suite by jomsims

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